The Meaning of Green

Green to me is in three folds: The First Green is to treating people kindly through upholding ethics and training on life skills. The Second Green is to promote good health, peace within communities and to create sustainable livelihood. The Third Green is the actual environmental conservation.

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Dr. Isaac Kalua is a renowned environmentalist who has had a prominent presence on Africa's environmental scene for almost three decades now. He continues to articulate a sustainable way forward not just for Kenya, but also for Africa. In this quest, his primary platforms has been the Green Africa Foundation where he is the Founding Chairperson and the Kenya Water Towers Agency where he is a Chairperson Emeritus as he served since 2013 until March 2019. On the international scene, he has provided exemplary service as a member of the International Association of Athletics Federation's (IAAF) Sustainable Development Commission since 2009. Dr. Isaac Kalua is also an innovative entrepreneur of international repute with interests in the automotive sector. He is the Chairperson of Honda Motorcycle Kenya Limited. Dr Kalua is a Honorary Game Warden appointed by the Kenya Wildlife Service. He is also a Board Member of various local and international establishments.

Think Green, Act Green
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By Dr. Kalua, 30th Aug 2021 | 2


Why Kenya's Political Rhetoric is Causing More Harm Than Good

For our great nation to flourish I suggest that our dear President and his Deputy must talk to each other instead of talking at each other. They must not agree in principle, but their chemistry must be right for the good of the nation. All other political leaders worth following must speak to their ...

Respect sanctity of nature or pay the deadly price

''Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realise we cannot eat money.'' ...

10th Mar 2020 | 1471 | COVID-19

Here is what Lake Victoria's rising waters is telling Us

If we want floods to cause much less damage next time heavy rains pound us, we must restore our critical natural resources and conserve them. As long as our Water Resourc ...

10th May 2020 | 799 | Water Towers Conservation

We have 15 Million Reasons to Reopen Schools Tomorrow

The question must now shift from when to reopen schools to how they should be reopened. Because corona prevalence and learning conditions across Kenya are radically diffe ...

29th Aug 2020 | 567 | COVID-19

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2 Million trees for the Devolution Conference
2 Million trees for the Devolution Conference
2 Million trees for the Devolution Conference
International women's day tree planting

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Over the years, I have come to appreciate that success comes when you become that seed that awaits to sprout in the midst of any crack.

~ Isaac P. Kalua, MBS, HSC

- 14th September 2017