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Water Conservation

Here is the Key to Abundant Water in Kenya

Our dire water scarcity requires us to become extremely economical and innovative about our freshwater usage. We need a kind of marshal plan to harvest water, change our mindset and implement policy even as we borrow a leaf from two countries: Egypt and Israel. All the 12.2 million households in Kenya should be educated to value fresh and wastewate...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 26th Sep 2020
  • 276
How Kenya's rivers affect your bank account

There are 3,085 rivers in Kenya according to the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA). Some are large like River Tana and River Athi, while others are smaller and only known locally like Perkerra River in Baringo County and Kathita River in Meru County. But whether you know them or not, the flow of these rivers affects your life in various ...

  • Dr. Kalua
  • 18th Oct 2019
  • 30

A twenty-first century Kenya should never be thirsty for water. For us to create tangible wealth, we must eradicate thirst in our homes and in our farms as a matter of urgency. It is shocking that over 17 million Kenyans lack access to safe drinking water, this is half of our population! Amongst these Kenyans are residents of Coke Soda Village of M...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 4th Feb 2017
  • 109

Dear Friends in Green, There were days in Nairobi when water flowed abundantly and taps were never dry.But those days are long gone. Water is now such a scarce commodity that the capital city is a water stressed zone where most parts of the city experience water rationing. Nairobi's water comes from surface water sources in Ruiru, Sasumua, and Nda...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 27th Sep 2013
  • 37


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