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Women Economic Empowerment

How We Can Fire the Economic Engine Through Women

For decades, Kenyan women have been on the forefront of stimulating local economies across the country. They do this through thousands of female-led small entrepreneurships that are often funded through infusions of capital from thousands of women groups. However, hundreds of women groups do not have even the minimal financial muscle required to en...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 14th Aug 2021
  • 84
Women May Hold the Key to Our Unity and National Transformation

President Kenyatta gave the nation a powerful antidote that can be used not only to fight this perennial corruption but also transform the nation drastically. 'Kenya cannot be changed by any single person. But us working together, we can and we shall make a difference.'If Kenyans are to come together to combat hunger, disease and unemployment, ther...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 29th May 2021
  • 15


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