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Why focus on exporting Kenyan Products will cure our bedridden economy

As our economy begins awakening from the Covid-induced slump, we must increasingly anchor it in nature. If ever there was a time for us to cultivate a laser focus on local manufacture and local production, it is now. The national government must introduce strategic and tactical initiatives to boost local production and export. ...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 31st Jul 2021
  • 26
Are We Ready For The Next Elections?

The most important preparation for the next elections doesn't lie with IEBC, Legislators, the Judiciary or the security forces. Rather, the largest preparation lies with the more than twenty million Kenyans who shall cast their votes. Great leaders elected will guide us to sustainably exploit our Economic, Social and Natural capital....

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 24th Jul 2021
  • 63
How Efficient Water Management Equals to Improved Quality Of Life

If conservation levy will mean restoration of these rivers and increased protection of our water towers, then it will make sense. Further to this, if paying a bit more will result in Kenyans demanding value for their money, then it will be a plus for the country since water service providers will have to drastically step up their game....

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 17th Jul 2021
  • 34
Why The 'Lost Decade' of South Sudan Calls for Impact Investment

Despite its ICU condition, South Sudan bristles with immense potential that can be tapped by unleashing two words - impact investment. Unlike normal investment, impact investment seeks to generate a social and environmental impact alongside the financial returns. Through impact investment, South Sudan can be able to boost its service sector, which ...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 10th Jul 2021
  • 43
How We Can Fix Kenya, One Citizen At A Time

The solution to our collapsing society is therefore not complicated - it is the basic Idea known as patriotism. We begin to rebuild a collapsing society by loving our nation and doing unto others as what we would like them to do to us. That is what Mahatma Gandhi meant when he told us to be the change we want to see in society. We can achieve such ...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 3rd Jul 2021
  • 59
This is How Kenya Can Follow in Dubai's Footsteps

Dubai is so organized and innovative that it has been able to transform its three major resources of the Sun, Sand(desert) and Sea into mind boggling reliable revenue streams. Consequently, Dubai now earns millions of dollars every year from desert safari tourists among other activities that are not oil related. ...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 26th Jun 2021
  • 91


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