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Here is what Lake Victoria's rising waters is telling Us

If we want floods to cause much less damage next time heavy rains pound us, we must restore our critical natural resources and conserve them. As long as our Water Resources, Transboundary Ecosystems, Biodiversity and forestry remain degraded, floods will keep assaulting us. If we restore our Water Towers, protect our Water Bodies, construct objects...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 10th May 2020
  • 793
Deaths from landslides should prick our conscience

Less than two weeks ago, as coronavirus was keeping people in their homes, torrential rainfalls unleashed a landslide that literally uprooted people from their homes in Elgeyo Marakwet. At least a dozen people died as hundreds were left homeless. Tragically, this loss of life and property was avoidable, especially considering the fact that since 19...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 3rd May 2020
  • 39
Turn oil woes into green economy with more jobs

When the coronavirus sprouted in China and flew around the world through infected people, the world largely and rightly focused on the infectious nature and mortality rate of this disease. But another lethal effect of the virus was on the oil industry. Because the world generally ground to a halt, planes disappeared from the skies, as cars, trucks ...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 26th Apr 2020
  • 43
Amb Macharia, Kenyans in diaspora need you now

Kenyans in the diaspora are not any less Kenyan than those at home. During their hour of need, the Government must go the extra mile to secure their safety and health. Doing so is not granting them a favour, but enforcing their rights as fellow Kenyans. Kenya's diaspora of more than three million people plays a pivotal role in our economy. In 2019,...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 19th Apr 2020
  • 80
After the virus havoc we expect a paradigm shift

To make matters worse, virtually all industries will emerge from this pandemic drastically weakened and unable to absorb many of the millions whose livelihoods have been severely affected. Against this bleak economic backdrop, we must relook at globalisation and craft a new way of doing business. Central to this should be the twin issues of local m...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 13th Apr 2020
  • 16
Virus has punctured the world, but life must go on

Coronavirus has punctured the world and left us stranded at the side of the road. There are no spare wheels and we are wondering what next. Millions are wondering if they will be paid full salaries or if they will even be paid. Consequently, many are wondering where they will get money for food and rent. Despite all this bad news, I suggest that we...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 13th Apr 2020
  • 15


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