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With right investments, policies farmers can reap big

Potatoes and Moi are not often mentioned in the same sentence. Yet they should, because former President Daniel Arap Moi's family is involved in a valued partnership that plants and produces top quality potatoes. While I am not privy to details of this potato farming franchise, I know that 80 per cent of every food plate served in Kenya contains po...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 29th Nov 2019
  • 26
We have 150 million reasons for the region to prosper

Although we are a 150-million strong market, we simply don't use these numbers to our advantage. I dare say that the reason we don't have lots of money in circulation is either outright theft at the Treasury, or we are not innovative in the way we trade. Paying suppliers owed by the Government is not the ultimate solution to boosting our economy be...

  • Dr. Kalua
  • 24th Nov 2019
  • 49
What we must do to get out of job crisis, poverty

To absorb millions of young, talented Kenyans into the job market, we need to create nearly one million tangible additional jobs every year between now and 2025. Catastrophically, though not obviously reported, we are losing some existing jobs. It is no wonder then that almost half of our fellow Kenyans are living below the poverty line....

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 5th Nov 2019
  • 25
Investors, make history in Kenya with electric buses

As Chairperson of Honda Kenya, I have an abiding interest in transport, more so clean, green and efficient transportation. The global Honda Corporation recently committed that as from 2022 in Europe, Honda will only produce and sell electric and hybrid cars. While this will not apply to Kenya, we have a chance of leapfrogging the West into widespre...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 4th Nov 2019
  • 17
Let's make locals part of wildlife tourism value chain

Have you ever heard of Malka Mari National Park or Bisanadi National Reserve? These two gems are part of the 24 national parks and 31 national reserves on Kenya's land. The national parks are spread over 17 counties while the national reserves can be found in 21 counties. Between January and August, Kenya received 1,341,000 tourists who mostly visi...

  • Dr. Kalua
  • 18th Oct 2019
  • 24
Sustainable boreholes could be our ticket to prosperity

Kenya is facing a water crisis. Not availability of water but accessibility to the water already obtainable. The World Health Organisation recommends 1,000 cubic meters of water per person per year. In Kenya, the surface and ground water available per person is about 1,700 cubic meters. Undeniably, some reports suggest that out of such availability...

  • Dr. Kalua
  • 18th Oct 2019
  • 17


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