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How Kenya Can Tap into The Water Sector for New Jobs

In the current national budget, Shs. 42.6 billion was allocated to development of water and sewerage infrastructure; Shs. 10.9 billion for the management of water resources; Shs. 8.6 billion to support water storage and flood control; Shs. 10.9 billion to support conservation of forests and water towers; KShs. 850 million to cater for rehabilitatio...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 20th Feb 2021
  • 160
We MUST Replace our Concrete Slums with Affordable, Decent Housing

"Home is where one starts from". These words by T.S. Eliot the great American poet capture the utter importance of the houses in which we sleep in, live in and build homes. These homes launch us into the efforts and triumphs of every single day. In this regard, houses are not just walls and roofs slung together. Rather, they are the physical spaces...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 13th Feb 2021
  • 272
This is how KPLC Must Recapture Kenya's Power

Electricity is power because it powers industrialization, powers electrical appliances and lights up homes, amongst other priceless uses. Unfortunately, millions of Kenyans still either can't access this power or harbor a painful story about the power received due to mind boggling inefficiencies by the KPLC...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 6th Feb 2021
  • 188
Could Kapedo be Kenya's Solution to Sustainable Livestock Jobs?

Kapedo, a location in the northern County of Turkana, is a name that has become synonymous with turmoil, death and conflict. This doesn't have to be the case. With decisive leadership, Kapedo and the entire Turkana County can become a beef-producing powerhouse that creates thousands of sustainable jobs. For Turkana's livestock to transform from a ...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 30th Jan 2021
  • 207
This is How Kindness can Restore Kenya

Former US President Barack Obama congratulatory message to President Joe Biden contained a powerful phrase that resonates with millions of Kenyans who find themselves in the firm clutches of pain. In the last several years, pain has flooded across every sector of Kenya. For every job that was lost to Covid-19, there are family and friends that foun...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 23rd Jan 2021
  • 202
Time is Money, Let Us Stop Wasting It

Time management starts at the individual level and extends to the national level. Individually, we need to remember that time is life's great equalizer. We are all granted 24 hours in a day irrespective of our social or economic status. Whether you stay in the upmarket Runda estate or Kondele slums in Kisumu, we all have twenty-four hours in a day....

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 16th Jan 2021
  • 181


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