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The same way that sanitizing our hands helps in fighting Corona, transforming ethos in our recruitment process shall enhance the fight against tribalism in the job market. When tribalism taints the job market, the expectations of our youth are dampened....

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 2nd May 2021
  • 50
Mr President, Give Us More Badis to Transform Our Institutions

Within twelve months, NMS is steadily transforming Nairobi from a City of Bricks to a City of Marble. Even though they continue to smile in the dark, the evidence speaks for itself so much that I urge President Uhuru to fish out more such trailblazers as General Badi to transform our institutions....

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 24th Apr 2021
  • 224
Current Economic Challenges Demand For Tangible Solutions Not empty chat!

Why is our fuel too expensive anyway? This high fuel cost keep affecting other commodities. How can we make the storage and distribution of fuel cheaper, because that will impact the overall cost of the fuel. Another potential winning solution is coming from the Ministry of Labor. It has fronted the idea of paying laid off workers in the locked dow...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 17th Apr 2021
  • 173

These masks are shredded and mixed with processed building rubble to produce material that adds a critical stiffness and strength to the base layers of roads and pavements. Approximately 3 million masks can be used to make a one kilometer long, two-lane road. Apart from saving funds, this utilization of used face masks diverts 93 tonnes of masks fr...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 10th Apr 2021
  • 87
Here is the solution to our Lockdown stalemate

Covid-19 has been an unwelcome guest in Kenya. Without holding brief for President Uhuru Kenyatta, I suggest that we must appreciate that his Government has offered tangible solutions in buying PPEs, expanding Covid-19 Centers to the county levels and even availing vaccines free of charge to the populace. However, there seems to be lack of comprehe...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 3rd Apr 2021
  • 363
Just Like President Kenyatta, Let's Pause for Prayer for The Nation

On Monday 22nd March, President Uhuru Kenyatta attended a memorial service for the late Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli. He was in the middle of his speech at about 1pm when Adhan, the Islamic call to prayer rung out. As soon as he heard the call to prayer, President Uhuru paused his speech for the prayer call's entire duration. It is criti...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 27th Mar 2021
  • 256


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