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Author: Dr. Isaac

24th May 2013 at 01:08 pm

National Cohesion


Author Dr Kalua writing on 47 REASONS TO PROSPER


Although Siaya County's forest cover is only 0.42 percent, the County has other resources that Nyeri doesn't have. Together with Kisumu, Homabay, Busia and Migori, Siaya borders lake Victoria and thus provides a gateway to the second largest fresh water lake in the world. This is a big deal. When we are enjoying a meal of samaki na ugali, do we enjoy that meal any less because that fish could be from Siaya County?

The forest cover of Elgeyo-Marakwet is 37 percent, making it the second most forested County in Kenya behind Nyeri. The vast forests in the County are not Jubilee or Cord forests. They are Kenyan forests whose resources benefit all Kenyans. Because of their proximity to the forests, residents of Elgeyo-Marakwet should be fully empowered to conserve the forests.   

Local communities are the primary guardians of local natural resources. As a country, we should appreciate this fact and treat local communities with utmost respect as principal partners in conservation. Natural resources remind us of our common humanity that transcends ethnic, class, religious and political divisions.

Counties in Northern Kenya like Wajir, Marsabit and Turkana may have comparatively less forest cover but they have resources like livestock that can feed Kenya and potentially earn much needed revenue from export of livestock products. For this to happen, Kakamega must view Marsabit through the lens of a symbiotic relationship. Makueni must view Wajir through similar lens.

Every time you take breakfast in the morning, chances are that the milk came from a milk-rich county like Nakuru County, the wheat for the bread came from Narok or Uasin Gishu while the eggs came from Thika, Kitui or even Bungoma. The human labor that went into production of that bread and milk was probably drawn from most of the 47 Counties. But when you are taking that bite or sipping that tea, you are probably not thinking about the political leanings of these Counties.

It is time for our Counties to be much more preoccupied with finding that common ground upon which they can build unity and prosperity for all Kenyans.

Think and live green.

Yours in Green,

Dr Isaac Kalua.


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