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30th Aug 2013 at 02:07 pm

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Author Dr Kalua writing on ILL FOR COOKING 


But low quality stoves like the one that my father and I used years ago are bad news. Back then, I used to stay with him in a low income neighborhood. Every morning and evening, I would light up a rusty bronze-colored stove with dusty wicks. 

Fortunately, I made it through the indoor pollution resulting from the paraffin emissions. Hundreds of thousands of others whose meals depend on such stoves and solid fuels are not as fortunate. Neither should we leave their plight to fortune.

Imagine the dirty fumes that are emitted by faulty vehicles and unsustainable industrial processes. Picture those thick, black, smelly fumes. Do you see them? Now take that picture and paste it into your nice, clean kitchen. That, my dear friends, is what goes on in the homes of millions of fellow Africans. Indoor pollution caused by solid fuels and faulty paraffin stoves.

This indoor pollution is increasingly leaving innocent people ill with pneumonia, chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer and other chronic illnesses. These are not my words but the words of the World Health Organization. 

The United Nations has called on us to ‘reduce the number of people without effective access to modern cooking fuels by 50%, and make improved cook stoves widely available.'

As I indicated in my letter last week, this is one target that I feel very, very passionate about. But this target will remain a pipe dream as long as nearly 2 billion people in the world continue to use solid fuels. They have no access to cleaner fuels so they continue to light up firewood and charcoal. 2 billion people! 2 billion dreams that may never be realized if the illnesses that are associated with indoor pollution end up afflicting these innocent people.

Health is everything. Without it you cannot do anything. The same is true of the environment. A healthy environment is everything. Without it, there is no sustainability. It is therefore tragic that solid fuels decimate the health of both people and the environment. 

The report ‘Solid Fuel Use: Health Effect' explains the technical hazards of solid fuels, ‘the burning of solid fuels on open ?res or traditional inefficient stoves generates hundreds of so-called products of incomplete combustion in the form of gases and aerosols (suspended liquids and solids). These include PM, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, polyaromatic and other hydrocarbons, and various organic substances.' 

To put it simply, solid fuels pose a grave danger to human health. Solid fuels must be drastically reduced. Firewood, charcoal and all other forms of solid fuels together with faulty paraffin stoves must be replaced with cleaner fuels because the health of our people depends on this.

It is time that innocent people stopped falling ill just because they are cooking  just like it is time for you to stop paying hospital bills that you don't have to, if we cooked in a clean way! 

Think green and act Green NOW!

Yours in Green,

Dr Isaac Kalua.


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