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10th Jan 2014 at 04:17 pm

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Author Dr Kalua writing on THE RACE OF LIFE


Like most Kenyan athletes, Eunice Sum's great race began in the hills and valleys of Kenya's Great Rift Valley. Keeping fit was as natural to her as eating. The same is true of all of Kenya's great athletes like Paul Tergat, Asbel Kiprop, Ezekiel Kemboi, Janet Jepkosgei, Catherine Ndereba and Samuel Wanjiru. 

Such great athletes almost always have one thing in common – they have spent a lifetime of keeping fit, often as a way of life and not just a leisurely distraction. To cap it all, they keep fit not in expensive gyms but right in the bosom of nature as they cross rivers on their way to school or jog in the cool embrace of forests. For me, our great athletes epitomize the three dimensions of the Olympic movement – sport, culture and environment.

Thomas Edison, the great American inventor once said that ‘genius is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration.' This can also be applied to sports. To be a great sportsperson, you must sweat it out. Before he could dribble like a wizard and rise to the pinnacle of global soccer, Messi spent hundreds of hours perspiring in practice. Before he could rise to the very top of golf, Tiger Woods spent hours perspiring in practice. Before she could rise to the top of marathon, Catherine Ndereba spent hundreds of hours perspiring in practice. Jesse Owens, the father of American sprinting put it memorably, ‘a lifetime of training for just ten seconds.' 

Although they practice to win their respective sports, athletes end up with an even greater benefit – their health is greatly enhanced. Health is a fundamental part of green. Human health is immensely boosted by a healthy environment. It is not by mistake that most people in rural areas are healthier than their urban counterparts. In many rural areas across Africa, people walk more, thus exercising their bodies more. They eat natural food from their farms and interact with nature a lot more. They may not be legendary sportsmen and women but on any given day, they live sports' principal tenet of keeping fit.

Let's conclude this letter with the race of your life.

You may never have raced in the local stadium but every day, the race of your life awaits you. Every morning when you wake up, you face a day that will leave you either bruised or triumphant. Sometimes you win and are rewarded and sometimes you lose and are discarded. 

Life is a race and just like sports races, you are much better off in life you keep fit, eat healthy and perspire 99 percent of the time so that you can end up with more victories and rewards.  

Think and live green.

Yours in Green,

Dr. Isaac Kalua


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