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Author: Dr. Isaac

13th Jun 2014 at 03:36 pm

Climate Change




Climate change is indeed so serious that as a country, we can't afford to play games or politics with it. Because political machinations and public misinformation often abound where money is involved, we must not undermine imperative climate action with climate money stampedes. 

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has diverse funding mechanisms that include the Adaptation Fund, Special Climate Change Fund and Green Fund. Other players like the Africa Development Bank also dispense climate funds to the public, private and civil society sectors.

These funds are however not ‘free' money and must be paid back in cash or kind. This should compel us to treat them with the meticulous accountability that they deserve. But even more importantly, the focus and debate should be on how the funds can contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

When we focus on who should control climate funds as opposed to how we should use those funds in the best possible way, we are missing the point. Should we use climate funds to set up factories that will make clean cookstoves for all Kenyans who use firewood? Or should we instead drastically strengthen public university Research and Development towards clean innovations? Such is the debate that should fill our airwaves.

Kenya's National Climate Change Action Plan together with the draft Climate Change Policy and Billhave already spelt out clear approaches that the country should take in tackling climate change head-on. Parliament must prioritize action on the bill as the Executive, businesses and communities across the country implement the climate change action plan. 

Indeed, it is time for politicians, community leaders and the business community to stand up and be counted whether they are climate warriors or climate leeches. Climate warriors fight against climate change passionately and valuably while climate leeches seek personal gain or seek to score political points from the fight against climate change.

Because the effects of climate change and the fight against it are crosscutting,The Presidency must be the ultimate climate warrior in the country. Our line ministry has all it takes to guide fittingly. The presidential bully pulpit must be duly employed in entrenching Kenya as a clean energy powerhouse and also in ensuring that vulnerability to climate change is drastically reduced.

Think green, act green!

Yours in Green,

Dr Isaac Kalua.


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