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26th May 2017 at 11:18 pm

National Cohesion

It is Time to uphold our National Values

Author Dr Kalua writing on It is Time to uphold our National Values


Rendering such noble service to Kenya doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing one's life. Rather, it means that each and every one of the forty-five million Kenyans should never sacrifice the welfare of Kenya on the altar of self-centered interests. This is especially true in this election period when politicians will thump their chests and proclaim their suitability for public office.

That is why I support Interior cabinet secretary Joseph Nkaissery's words during a speech he freshly gave to police commanders from across the country. He said that, “We are going to war whether you are a politician or a citizen. If you engage in hate speech or incitement, you will be arrested there and then. Officers will not wait for orders from above.” 

Indeed, at this moment when Holy Muslim month of Ramadan is starting, it is critical that we all learn from the prayer, purification and charitable acts that characterize Ramadan. These three hinge on a selfless attitude that is deeply needed in the country. They should also remind us what terrorism seeks to rip from us – that irrespective of our religions, tribes, races and economic status, we are all one family and should act as such.

Failure to deliberately recognize, cherish and genuinely entrench our shared national values at all levels of our society will lead us to unmatched conflict. The one Kenyan who completely embraced this Kenyan identity and a selfless attitude was Salah Farah, the Muslim teacher who died after he succumbed to injuries when the Al Shabaab shot him during a bus attack in Mandera. Instead of abandoning Christian passengers in the bus, he stood up for them and shielded them.

I suggest that we honor the memory of Salah Farah, by building on our common nationhood instead of building walls of religion and shortsighted politicking. The recent visit by Muslim leaders and scholars to State House should serve as an example of the need for Kenyans to come together in common dialogue and nation-building ventures. It is only through such interconnection that we can nurture peace. Peace is indeed the foundation of sustained unity that opens the citizenry to creation of green money.  Think green, act green!

Yours in Green,

Dr. Isaac Kalua.


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