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16th Feb 2020 at 01:11 am


A Passionate Public appeal to commemorate Mzee Moi

Author Dr Kalua writing on A Passionate Public appeal to commemorate Mzee Moi


Now that we have laid Mzee Moi to rest. As an act of closure and commemoration I hereby passionately make a public appeal for support in two areas stated here below:


The Kenya Christian Choirs Association was started in 1965 (KCCA). This National Association has 125 active Choirs who come from 20 denominations including all mainstream churches. Former President Moi was the Patron up to the year 2008 when the Patron mantle was handed over to me. During the last six years, the Association has faced numerous challenges that we are still working hard to tackle. I am very grateful to those who have morally supported in efforts to revive this profound Choirs Association, for God's glory. They include Hon. Senator Samuel Poghisio, Mwalimu Richard Khadambi, Sylvester Otieno, Peter Nyamala , several Bishops, Choir Directors and their loyal musicians.

My vision is for local music composers and choir Directors to write brand new hymns that will be printed in a new African hymn book and sang across Africa at places of worship and homes. Earlier, the Choirs used to sing at Mzee Moi's Kabarak home as the climax of the engagement. This time, I suggest that the nation engages in writing new hymns to be sang forever in diverse locations.

Accordingly, I appeal to all willing persons to participate through their churches in making this vision a reality. This will be a nourishing way of honoring Mzee Moi. But infinitely more important, it will be for God's glory. In the near future, we will strengthen the KCCA leadership so as to create capacity to handle this mission.


Moi was about 100 years of age at his death. The Green Africa Foundation has requested the Nairobi County to allow the planting of 100 special trees around the Nyayo monument at the City Park. The Nairobi County has agreed to this request. I therefore appeal to Kenyans to turn up and participate in planting these 100 Trees under the Plant your age initiative.

When the time comes, a tree will be planted for each of the 47 Counties (if the Governors attend it shall be great), One tree representing the National Government (if Our President Kenyatta attends it shall be great), a tree to be planted by the Moi family, a tree representing the International community including the UNEP and then trees representing many facets that Mzee Moi represented, to make them 100.

As the trees grow I suggest that we forgive each other for any wrongs committed whether knowingly or unknowingly. In the same spirit of Building Bridges Initiative I humbly suggest that we rename the Nyayo monument as the ''Monument of Integrity'' (MOI) to be remembered by posterity.

Please share your ideas IF in support of the suggestions above.

Dr. Isaac P. Kalua PhD, CBS, MBS, HSC.


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