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How We Can Make Lamu The First Port Of Call For East Africa And Beyond

Lamu Port is a very big deal, not just economically, but literally. Because its depth is 17.5 meters as compared to Mombasa's 15 meters it can handle bigger ships with capacities of up to 12,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). Evidently, this is a big Port that will handle big vessels. The question is, will it generate big profits in increasin...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 22nd May 2021
  • 19
Kenya's Immense Revenue Possibilities

Kenya needs to seriously explore the tax revenue opportunities that carbon tax and energy tax will unlock. In the same vein, the government should be a lot more innovative and collaborative in its tax regime. Even as we deal with corruption that ends up hemorrhaging our tax revenue, we also need to look at more prosperous countries that tax less ye...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 2nd Jan 2021
  • 272
Let's Reimagine the Joint Economic Dream between Kenya and Ethiopia

As we celebrate the life of my father Bishop David Kalua who passed on last Friday, I remembered that he once told me that Ethiopia was the first African country to establish diplomatic ties with Kenya, which stamped it into a special place in Kenya's heart. The two countries share a border of 850 kilometers. In addition, the two countries are the ...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 12th Dec 2020
  • 69
47 Reasons we shouldn't be a Poor Country

Each of Kenya's 47 Counties has unique capability to carve out a niche in local manufacture as a whole and food processing in particular. Our 47 Counties must drastically step up efforts of attracting investors into processing of our agricultural produce. They can only do so through good governance plus enacting and implementing investor-friendly p...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 5th Dec 2020
  • 162
Technology is the key to more wealth and Jobs for Africa

I thank God for the opportunities he presents me to travel to Japan, a Nation that has become like a second home to me. Fascinatingly, every time I go there, I learn a new lesson that I endeavor to inspire others to adapt. This time during breakfast sessions at my hotel I noticed that there were only two staff waiting on us in a restaurant of a fi...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 1st Mar 2020
  • 177
This is why Turkana's biggest Asset is Not Oil

Despite all these incredible qualities, Turkana has in recent years been mostly known for two things only - oil and famine. While the famines have been perennial headaches in the region, it wasn't until 2012 that the British company Tullow Oil and its Canadian partner Africa Oil revealed that they had discovered commercial oil reserves in Turkana's...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 22nd Feb 2020
  • 346
We have 150 million reasons for the region to prosper

Although we are a 150-million strong market, we simply don't use these numbers to our advantage. I dare say that the reason we don't have lots of money in circulation is either outright theft at the Treasury, or we are not innovative in the way we trade. Paying suppliers owed by the Government is not the ultimate solution to boosting our economy be...

  • Dr. Kalua
  • 24th Nov 2019
  • 52
What we must do to get out of job crisis, poverty

To absorb millions of young, talented Kenyans into the job market, we need to create nearly one million tangible additional jobs every year between now and 2025. Catastrophically, though not obviously reported, we are losing some existing jobs. It is no wonder then that almost half of our fellow Kenyans are living below the poverty line....

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 5th Nov 2019
  • 29
Entrepreneurship will shape our future

The industrialized Kenya that Vision 2030 foresees will be built on the sweat of entrepreneurs. This is the overwhelming feeling that I had last Wednesday May 31st when I joined our Kenya's Presidency as part of 1,300 passengers on the maiden trip of Madaraka Express to Nairobi. It took the sweat and brilliance of entrepreneurs and inventors from ...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 2nd Jun 2017
  • 38

The recent budget statement by Finance Minister Henry Rotich will be remembered for the cheap ugali it proposed. This underlies how affordability of basic food in Kenya remains a pressing challenge that has bedeviled the country for years. A two-kilo maize flour packet has been selling for more than one hundred shillings for years now. Milk too, re...

  • Dr. Isaac
  • 11th Mar 2017
  • 102


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