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Why Kenya's Political Rhetoric is Causing More Harm Than Good

For our great nation to flourish I suggest that our dear President and his Deputy must talk to each other instead of talking at each other. They must not agree in principle, but their chemistry must be right for the good of the nation. All other political leaders worth following must speak to their political base to calm down the current toxic poli...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 30th Aug 2021
  • 2
Are We Ready For The Next Elections?

The most important preparation for the next elections doesn't lie with IEBC, Legislators, the Judiciary or the security forces. Rather, the largest preparation lies with the more than twenty million Kenyans who shall cast their votes. Great leaders elected will guide us to sustainably exploit our Economic, Social and Natural capital....

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 24th Jul 2021
  • 79
We Must Fix Our Politics Before We Fix Our Economy

Dad politics will always result in a bad economy. A bad economy is the mother of societal challenges like severe unemployment. In this regard, if we want to fix our economy, create jobs, improve our healthcare and to transform this country, we must fix our politics. Our approach to tangible transformation must be guided by the tenets of political e...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 5th Jun 2021
  • 72
Are you making a difference in someone's life?

Politicians must politick. But if their politicking is not giving relief and sustenance to Kenyans, it is self-serving and pointless. These days nowhere is such politicking more evident than funerals. Most politicians attend funerals to hurl political barbs at their political opponents. This is extremely disrespectful for bereaved families that nee...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 26th Dec 2020
  • 53
On BBI voting Let us Focus on Our Common Enemy, Not Each other

Kenya is about to be thrust into the very belly of electioneering. Once this electioneering period that is on the horizon shifts into high gear, it will be important for Kenyans to conduct themselves with wisdom, unity and maturity. Our votes must end up empowering our youth to follow a trajectory that transforms their misfortunes into stepping st...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 28th Nov 2020
  • 171

I do not hold brief for either the President or former Prime Minister. I am just a Kenyan who has studied the proposed BBI amendments and found them to be critical cornerstones for building a better Kenya. Despite my misgivings with a few proposed changes, I am persuaded that the totality of BBI's proposed changes are robust building blocks for con...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 14th Nov 2020
  • 295
This is what it will take to Reimagine Kenya

If I was President, I would ensure that equality of opportunity results in a unified Kenya where all the forty-seven Counties have an equal shot at transparent governance and sustainable development. Devolution is like an ocean in which Kenya's development ship is sailing. Political storms are unsettling this ocean and threatening devolution. We se...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 17th Oct 2020
  • 184
How the Nile Waters can Stream into Peace and Prosperity

The value of the Nile goes far beyond dams like the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam or Egypt's High Aswan Dam. Through all-inclusive dialogue and innovative approaches, we can create millions of jobs, generate quadrillions of shillings, better lives resulting to peace and prosperity. The Nile Basin Initiative that brings together all the Nile basin...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 3rd Jul 2020
  • 55
East Africa is Stronger Together Than Apart

EAC's future and integration lies in border points like Gatuna on the Uganda - Rwanda border; Namanga on the Kenya - Tanzania Border; Akanyaru on the Rwanda - Burundi border; Elegu on the Uganda - South Sudan border and Busia on the Kenya - Uganda border. When social and political differences cause governments to either shut down these border point...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 20th Jun 2020
  • 45
Say Yes to good politics, and a big No to politicking

Instead of demanding a cessation of politics, we should demand for good politics. If your political representatives are often discussing other politicians, then they are small-minded messengers of bad politics. Bad politics is rooted in ignorance. Kenyans don't have to choose between politics and development because that is a false choice. But they...

  • Dr. Isaac Kalua
  • 17th May 2020
  • 103


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